The making of a halloween long bow.

My 11 year daughter has decided to be Legolas from The Lord of the Rings for Halloween so I decided to make her an authentic bow and quiver! She's already a dead ringer for Legolas. So with the right costume (which my wife is sewing...) and bow this can be an amazing costume idea for her.

The first step was to make a bending jig to shape the long bow. After looking at movie stills I was able to approximate the curve and length of the bow (and adjust it to the height of an 11 year old.) I then cut and shaped a bending jig out of 2x4 pine.
Next, I milled five strips of various hard woods into thin strips. I then downloaded some elvish fonts and engraved the outer strip with elvish scroll work and also her name in Elvish. (It helps to have a laser engraver for this step...) After the engravings were finished, I spread glue onto the strips of wood and bent them around the jig using wood clamps. After clamping, the bow needed to sit for 24 hours in the jig.

Once the long bow was removed from the jig it was a simple matter of shaping and sanding the bow and hand applying a finish. The quiver was much easier. I made a simple cedar tube and routed curves into the corners and applied a matching stain. Then I engraved more elvish into a long leather strip and glued it to the quiver. After measuring my daughter for fit, I then cut a second leather strap that would drape securely over her back.

Attached are pics of the process and the finished pieces.