Biking in Glacier National Park

Every Spring Whitefish area residents get to enjoy a special "Locals Only" treat. In the heart of Glacier National Park is the World Famous Going to the Sun Road. Going to the Sun Road is an epic, steep winding road that is carved high up in the mountains of the park and provides summer visitors the ability to cross the park and soak in amazing sights and wildlife.

But in the spring after each year's long, cold winter the road remains piled with hundreds of inches of snow. Logan pass can have as much as 80 feet! So in order for the road to be passable by July 1, the plows start working in April making as little as 500 feet of progress per day.

Caption: Plow clearing Going to the Sun Road

That's where the good part comes in. The park does not allow cars on the Road while snow clearing is in progress but the do allow bikers wh are willing to brave the steep climb to bike the road up until the hit the wall of snow. It is a long, slow meat grinder of ride up and a white knuckle, screamer of a ride down.

Barb and I have made several trips into the park this Spring. Below are just of a few of our pics...