Destination Bozeman

After a long, hard summer running our store here in Whitefish, Barb and I decided we needed an impromptu road trip. With Grandma in town to watch the kids, we jumped in our trusty Highlander Hybrid and started the 325 mile drive south to Bozeman, Montana. With the sun shining and temps in the 70s, it was perfect weather to meander and cruise down at our leisure.

Bozeman has changed so much over the past decade (some good, some bad...) Its been astounding to watch it grow. I recently read an article in Sunset magazine that likened it to a mini-Los Angeles.

Well, I'm not so sure about the Los Angeles reference but it for sure has much more to offer in its downtown than Whitefish. We enjoyed an eclectic meal at Blackbird (amazing local lamb and farmhouse bread...) and some fantastic wines at Plonk Wine Bar. We also did an afternoon beer tasting session at Montana Ale Works. (Props to Bozone IPA!)

For accommodations we decided on the newly opened Lark Hotel right downtown. This hotel is a remodel of an older hotel and features super fresh and campy mid-century modern decor. The service and our room were excellent and the location was perfect -right on the main strip within walking distance to shops and restaurants.

Downtown Bozeman is quaint and charming -yet modern and urban. Its a place where you can pick up a new pair of cowboy boots and a Stetson hat as well as some trendy gifts for your hipster son-in-law. It seems an odd juxtaposition -but somehow it works.

Charming relics from the good ol' days like the Fraternal Order Of Eagles keep Downtown Bozeman grounded


A very tasty taco truck right next to our hotel...

Bozeman. Where hippies and billionaires collide. Great license plate. Tatanka means "bull" in the Lakota Language.
Backdrop of the bar at Plonk.

Unfortunately, we only were able to stay two nights but we still had a great time!