9.03.12 --- Its still out there.

For Labor Day weekend we loaded up the kids and the dog and a tent and headed out into the wilderness. The Real Wilderness. Its still out there, you know. I'm not tallking about some jammed packed public campground with RVs and generators and blaring music. We do the Real Wilderness. Montana Style.

Fortunate for us we do live in a state where its still possible to find remote forests, wild rivers and vast wildernesses -and have it all to ourselves. What we seek is just a short drive from our home in Whitefish, Montana -pick any direction and go. Literally. Pick any road and take it out of town and in a short while you will be all alone. No people. No electricity. No cell phone service. Just mountains. Just the way we like it.

For this trip we headed down to the South Fork of the Flathead River in the Bob Marshall Wilderness. A vast and remote wilderness designated by the U.S. Congress with special protections, "The Bob" as the locals call it, is loaded with moose, and elk and grizzly bears and mountain lions and wolverines. 

The one thing "The Bob" is not loaded with is people. Again, just the way we like it. No offense to the people reading this blog. But I'm sure you understand -and totally agree. Camping in the wilderness is way better without you, right?

So there we were. All alone. 

Reading spooky campfire stories. 
Skipping stones in the gin clear waters of the South Fork. 
Plunking cans with my daughter's .22 rifle. 
Fly fishing. 
Making s'mores. 

Just us... and the mountains.

Its still out there. You just have to look for it. Or pick the right place to live.

Our ten year old sawing wood for the campfire.

Our springer spaniel bird dog cooling herself in the South Fork of the Flathead River.

We forgot the corkscrew... but I had my hunting knife. Crisis averted.