Cutting our Christmas tree.

One of the great things about living at the edge of the wilderness is our annual trip into the forest to harvest our Christmas tree. This year we drove up a long, winding mountain road and hiked and hiked in search of the perfect tree. The drive is as much fun as the cutting of the tree. We packed a large thermos of hot chocolate for the trip and sang christmas carols as we wound our way up into the mountains.

After finding several "pretty good" trees, our oldest daughter Josephine discovered this year's selection on a small ridge just off the trail. As always, I did the honors of cutting the tree and dragging it out to the truck.

As a bonus, our 3 year old twins were able to hike the entire trail this year... which made things much easier. The past three holidays we had to back pack them in and out -which made hauling the tree back to the truck all the more difficult.