Snow Ghosts

People email us all of the time asking about the mystical trees looming behind us in our blog photos. Here in the Northern Rockies of Montana they are called Snow Ghosts (the local brewhouse even has a Snow Ghost Lager...)

These amazing and haunting trees might look amazing in photos but trust me, photography doesn't do them justice. In person they are awe inspiring. Its a testament to just how much snow we get here... and just how tough the local pine trees need to be in order to survive at 7000 feet. The tips of many trees get so overloaded with snow that they bend all the way over and fuse themselves to the ground -creating a perfect arch.

And what's more, much like clouds, if you look hard at each one you can find just about any shape or object. Its great fun with our children. Many a long chair lift ride to the summit of Big Mountain is spent calling out things that we can find... Elephants and Wizards and Horses and...???