Huckleberry Fever. The early stages.

I went for an early morning run in the foothills of the mountains and as I was striding down a loggin road I looked up the hillside and noticed a patch of perfectly ripe huckleberrys. As I ran I saw more and more.

So I hightailed it out of there and went home to collect my bucket and some help. Of course my 11 year old was still sound asleep. I roused her up out of here summer vacation slumber and off we went to get these berries before anyone else (or a bear...) could claim them.

There was an endless sea of huge plump berries. A hundred people could not have picked them all. My daughter's hands were stained purple from berry juice and -which gave her the idea to apply some berry picking war paint...

On our return home my dutiful wife promptly whipped out a batch of huckleberry pancakes for the family to devour.