Four Fourteeners.

A few weeks ago I headed down to Colorado to meet a friend and do some climbing. Our plan was to summit four 14,000 foot peaks in four days. Torrey's, Grey's, Mount of the Holy Cross and Quandary... A mighty task.

While I live at 3000 ft above sea level and spend a large amount time every week at 7000+, this type of extreme elevation was going to be a huge challenge for my lungs. But I had several months to prepare and I landed in Denver with my legs feeling about as strong and as fresh as I could ever recall -so I felt confident.

The first evening we camped in a gorgeous alpine meadow next to meandering glacier creek at 10,000 ft to try to get a little acclimated to the elevation. We had a great evening just relaxing and catching up... but we had to get up at 5am so we were in our tents by 10 pm.

The acclimating helped a little... but not much. But we had a glorious time nonetheless. Each day brought steep climbs, epic cliffs and sore quads. And the views were beyond description.