Road trip or Suicide Mission?

Well, our Toyota Hybrid is all loaded up for the 1300 mile drive from Whitefish, Montana to our beloved cabin on Hungry Jack Lake in Northern Minnesota.

Joining Barb and I this year will be our three kids and our dog. In previous years, I have always driven solo while the rest of the family flew. For reasons still unkown to me, they all wanted to drive this year. So here we go.

Our 4 year old set the tone for the trip issuing the first "How Much Longer?" before we even got all the way out of our home town. 

I'll spare all of you the many fascinating stories of road side potty breaks and bickering among the children... but below are some pics of the beautiful drive through Montana, North Dakota and Minnesota. Enjoy!

Pot of Gold. Our top selling Whiskeyjack + Howler Bros. Hat.

Epic Hail Storm.

North Dakota sunset... waiting for the Green Flash

3 Kids, a dog and 1300 miles to go...