September hucks.

Well, the huckleberries down low are done for the season... so my daughter and I decided to yank our ski passes off of our ski jackets and take a late summer ride on the Whitefish Mountain Resort ski lift. Rumor has it there are still plenty of hucks at 6500 feet.

The ride up the lift was gorgeous. We ride this chair all winter long -but rarely get to see the mountain in its summer glory. When we arrived at the summit we headed down into the slopes overlooking Hellroaring Basin and found more huckleberries than we could believe. We settled in and picked like mad. After several hours we both had sore backs and stained fingers... and we were ready to call it quits. Its so hard to walk away from so many unpicked huckleberries. Hopefully some grizzlies will happen by so that they don't go to waste.

After getting off the chair, we made the quick walk over to the Bierstube for a refreshment. Sprite for my daughter and a Yard Sale Pale Ale from Tamarack Brewing for me. The perfect way to end...