Donuts Make My Brown Eyes Blue - Misheard Lyrics Pint Glass

"Donuts make my brown eyes blue" ~Crystal Gayle

Crystal Gayle is known for three things... being the kid sister of Loretta Lynn, her floor length hair, and her 1977 country-pop crossover hit Don't it Make My Brown Eyes Blue. I heard this song countless times as a kid and even heard her perform it live at the State Fair. Until recently, I truly thought she was saying Donuts... 

These Misheard Lyrics glasses are hilarious and make a unique gift and a wonderful conversation piece. It is an especially fun gift for people who love to laugh. Each Misheard Lyrics glass arrives carefully packaged in a lovely gift box.

This stainless steel pint glass ships from our studio in Whitefish, Montana.
You can view our entire line of hilarious Misheard Lyric glasses here.

Misheard Lyrics Glass Dimensions: One Pint (16 oz)
Care Instructions: Hand wash recommended

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