The complete guide to drinkware for your coffee shop.

Nothing beats the feeling of a warm coffee mug in your hands on a cold winter morning. Giving a coffee mug as gift is a thoughtful and simple gift idea that the recipient will treasure for years. Some coffee mugs can be endearing or adorable, some coffee mugs are saucy -or maybe even just a stitch naughty. While other coffee mugs might be political or perhaps simply decorative. Regardless of your intent, there is a coffee mug gift idea for any occasion. Shopping the Meriwether collection of coffee mugs (we have over 20 coffee mug designs!) is a great start. Below is a breakdown of several of our most popular coffee mugs... Enjoy!

...And don't forget, all of our coffee mugs come carefully packed with amazing packaging! Your coffee mug arrives with the coffee mug wrapped in tissue paper inside a gift box. All you need to do is wrap the gift box and your coffee mug gift is ready to go!

Let that shit go coffee mug gift idea.

The Zen Coffee Mug.

Let that shit go. Coffee Mug.

Our Let That Shit Go coffee mug is one of the most popular coffee mugs we have ever designed. The style and color of this coffee mug are perfect for both men and women. The coffee mug is a hearty 16oz with an elegant shape and features an amazing speckled glaze. This coffee mug isn't just for drinking coffee. Giving this mug also is giving the the gift of Zen!

The perfect cheeky coffee mug for those who are NOT morning people.

Not everybody is a morning person. Some people are up and at 'em every morning with a smile on their face and others, um, not so much. Our I Am A Ray Of Fucking Sunshine coffee mug is perfect for our "grumpy in the morning friends and family." Fill this bright yellow coffee mug with piping hot coffee and watch them turn that frown upside down!

If it requires a bra or pants coffee mug

No bra. No pants. Just hot coffee in a coffee mug...

If it requires pants or a bra it isn't happening today. The Sunday Morning Coffee Mug. 

The perfect Sunday morning coffee mug. Like Lionel Ritchie says, this coffee mug is Easy Like Sunday Mornings. Our favorite thing about this coffee mug is that it's huge (17oz.) The size and shape of this coffee mug would fit in perfectly on an episode of Friends (The One Where Joey Loses His Pants?) This clever coffee mug has a subtle egg shell white finish and is the perfect gift idea for the lazy bones/lolligagger in your life.

Finally a proper work place coffee mug...

We've all used the phrase. It sounds polite, right? The asshole part is just implied. We designed this coffee mug over the summer and it has become an INSTANT classic. It's an absolute must have coffee mug if you are in the work force and deal with annoying people. The coffee mug has a bright red matte finish and makes an amazing office party/secret santa gift idea!

I am silenly correcting your grammar.

Grammar snobs unite! A coffee mug for those with proper grammar.

I am silently correcting your grammar.  

It's just rude to correct people who make grammatical errors, isn't it? You also kinda sound like a jerk if you do. So the only option is to breathe deep, grit your teeth and then make the correction in your head. They'll never know what that double negative just did to you... until this coffee mug was created. Now grammar snobs everywhere can pour a piping hot cup of coffee into their new coffee mug and proudly let everyone know what they are thinking!

I'm chalant AF coffee mug.

Our famous chalant AF coffee mug

I try to act nonchalant but inside I'm actually chalant AF. Genius coffee mug. 

Our Chalant AF coffee mug is one of the most liked and shared coffee mugs we've ever posted on Instagram. This adorable coffee mug is witty and endearing and just plain makes people smile. Is chalant even a word?  Like all of our coffee mugs, this coffee mug arrives in an amazing gift box ready to be gifted!


All meetings are bullshit, aren't they? 

This Meeting Is Bullshit.  The ultimate coffee mug for the office.

We here at Meriwether think every meeting is officially bullshit. It's company policy. That's why god created Slack and email, right? This coffee mug was designed as a morale booster for anyone stuck in Conference Room B presenting last year's TPS reports and eating stale danish. As a bonus, this coffee mug pairs perfectly with our Per My Previous Email, Asshole coffee mug! So, just before your next meeting, take a deep breath and fill you new coffee mug with ambition and passive-aggressively sip coffee while you nod your head and pretend you are listening...

I drink the tears of my enemies coffee mug.

A coffee mug that commands respect (and maybe just a stitch of concern?)

I drink the tears of my enemy. A coffee mug that inspires respect! 

Also available in a flask! Pair this coffee mug with our matching flask for the ultimate Morning/Evening combination. Even the glossy, jet black finish of this stout coffee mug says "Don't mess with me!" This coffee mug will allow you to command respect wherever you sip your morning coffee. At the gym, at the office, or heck, even at home!

Let's just go camping and never come back. The best camping coffee mug ever.

The best camping coffee mug ever!

Let's just go camping and never come back. 

There are very few simple pleasures in life better than a warm cup of coffee in front of a morning campfire. This amazing enamel coffee mug slips easily into any back pack and is ready to go. The coffee mug is steel coated  with enamel finish -so while the paint may chip over years the coffee mug is virtually indestructable. This coffee mug makes a simple and endearing gift idea for that special someone who you dream about running away to camp with. 

Not enough middle fingers coffee mug
Not enough middle fingers coffee mug
Not enough middle fingers coffee mug
Not enough middle fingers coffee mug
Not enough middle fingers coffee mug
Not enough middle fingers coffee mug-Home & Garden-Meriwether of Montana

Not enough middle fingers coffee mug

Worry about your eyebrows... Coffee Mug
Worry about your eyebrows... Coffee Mug
Worry about your eyebrows... Coffee Mug
Worry about your eyebrows... Coffee Mug-Home & Garden-Meriwether of Montana

Worry about your eyebrows... Coffee Mug