Absinthe... Soap Bar


Absinthe Soap Bar

Few liquors were as feared or revered as the vaunted and misunderstood Absinthe from the 1800s. The Green Fairy was thought to make people lose their minds and cause them to drift off into a permanent catatonic state. But in fact, it was just a super strong booze that got people super duper drunk.

Capture the smell and spirit of Belle Epoque Paris (without the hangover) with this incredibly fine smelling Absinthe Soap. Subtle and distinct tones of anise, lemon and peppermint will make you feel and smell great... Just like Van Gogh and Degas.

Wonderful smells and beautiful swirls aside, this is an amazingly effective soap. There are just the right amount of suds when lathering and your skin is left moisturized and smelling great. 

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