Day Drinking Cocktail Book


Day Drinking.
50 cocktails for a mellow buzz.

We've been strong advocates of day drinking for a long, long time. This book is the perfect companion to those us who prefer a 2pm mellow buzz on the beach as opposed to shoving down one last Irish Car Bomb at 3AM as the bar closes.

This inspiring and creative cocktail book features some of the most unique and refreshing cocktails we've ever tasted. Whether it's something light and refreshing like the amazing Pimm's Cup or something with a bit more hair on it's chest like a Django Reinhart, this book has your back. As a bonus, Day Drinking has some of the best photography we've ever seen in a cocktail recipe book. It's a work of art on it's own. The photos will have you dreaming of long days on the beach sipping Kir Royales after an afternoon of crabbing.

In addition to recipes, the book includes tips and tricks, and a guide to bar tools, equipment and useful ingredients. 

Full color photography. 234 pages.

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