Ladies is Pimps Too... Velvet Beer Koozie


Ladies is Pimps Too... Crushed Velvet and Neoprene beer koozie

All the ladies in the house say Yeah! Finally, a koozie that reflects the style and sophistication that you deserve. Big Pimpin ain't just for men anymore. Ladies is pimps too. 

Understand this. These koozies aren't the cheap, flimsy koozies they give away at tradeshows and Nascar races. These are straight-up classy. This unique koozie features a super-soft crushed velvet exterior with an uber insulated neoprene interior. And of course, emblazoned on the front is an fantastic felt patch of the highest quality... Sexy on the outside and functional in the inside. This ladies' drink koozie will keep your drink super cold while making you look great at the same time.

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