Roam Wild and Free Hand Lettered Blue Bandana

This amazing, hand lettered bandana was designed exclusively for us by illustrator extraordinaire, Barbara Pfannkuch. The bandana measures 22" x 22" and is made in the USA from 100% cotton.

A bandana is an absolutely essential part of any camping or back country excursion and we are astounded by the number of people who neglect to carry one on their adventures. Our bandana proclaims our 5 virtues of exploring the Mountain West.

-The Mountains are Calling and I must Go.
-Leave No Trace.
-Chop Your Own Wood.
-Adventure Awaits.
-Roam Wild and Free.

Use it to protect yourself from sunburn or dip it in a cool mountain stream or lake on a hot summer day and wear as a head wrap. More importantly, bandanas function as a critical medical tool. In a pinch, They can be used as a tourniquet, sling, bandage, dust or smoke mask. There are very few camping items as light and easy to pack that can provide so many uses.

... and of course you can also display this beautiful bandana as decor in your home or cabin when not in use.

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