You can't get hungover.... Two Bottle Wine Carrier.


You can't get hungover if you never stop drinking. Two Bottle Wine Tote.

While we don't actually recommend this method of hangover prevention, the veracity of the statement stands... But at some point its best to take a break from the wine and get some sleep. Chug some water and pop a few Advils. You've got work in the morning!

This amazing two bottle wine tote is constructed from extra thick cotton canvas with a sewn-in divider to prevent the bottles from clanking. The wine tote also features two large outside pockets that are super handy for corkscrews and other miscellaneous sundries.

Makes a great besties gift or gift idea for the wine lover in your life. Fill the wine tote with a few bottles of wine and you've got an extra thoughtful gift with a great presentation.

Two Bottle Wine Tote Dimensions: 7" x 3" with 14" handles

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