Makers of Wit and Sarcasm.
Meriwether is headquartered on the mean streets of Whitefish, Montana. It's a tough life in Montana with all the beautiful scenery, amazing skiing, world-class fishing and basically no people. 

We are probably the best company in the world.
On most days we just sit around in our black turtlenecks smoking our pipes. In between smokes, we think up funny stuff. Most of it pointless and unnecessary. Basically, we design things that aren't really necessary and sell them to people who don't really want them... and we're damn good at it. 
Get a job hippie.
After spending years as professional skiers (we were never actually sponsored...) we decided it was time to settle down and make some fat stacks of cash. Our goal was basically to become the Pablo Escobar of the gift industry... and thus our Meriwether empire was born.

We will constantly amaze you... but not in a good way.
Now we design unique, one of 
a kind gifts and lifestyle goods. We love well-crafted objects and are drawn to the nostalgic, the whimsical and of course, the sarcastic. Deep down we possess a deep yearning for the Good Ol' Days and desperately wish we could go back. The year 1976 would be perfect... or maybe 1983, because Atari was at its peak and that's the year Eye of the Tiger was released. (which is basically the greatest song ever written.)

Meriwether Locations:

Whitefish, Montana Retail store:
115 Central Ave.
Whitefish, Montana 59937

Portland, Oregon Retail Store
629 NW 23rd Ave
Portland, OR 97210

Studio address:
901 Wisconsin Ave
Whitefish, Montana 59937