Burn all the sage you want... Whiskey Glass


Burn all the sage you want.  I'll still be back.

Break ups are hard. Some people burn sage to try to cleanse the negativity, others pour a glass of whiskey and revel in their new found freedom. Either way, you can take solace in knowing that if it is meant to be, you two lovebirds will back together in no time at all. Just be wary of the 1am booty calls! You up? Nope!

A well-crafted whiskey glass is one of life's most basic and simple treasures. Our Gentlemen's Whiskey Glasses have an elegant form with classic edges and a solid, heavy base. These well-balanced whiskey glasses feel perfect in your hand and are a pleasure to sip from. This whiskey glass makes a great gift for the whiskey connoisseur (fancy French word for a whiskey lover...) in your life!

Whiskey glass size: 11oz

This classy whiskey glass ships from our retail store in Whitefish, Montana

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