Sound of someone chewing loudly... Magnet


I am not emotionally equipped to deal with the sound of someone chewing loudly... Magnet.

Loud chewers are essentially today's version of Chinese Water Torture. There's actually a scientific name for the rage the builds up inside of us when our dinner partner is chewing like a cow. True fact. It's called misophonia and it's no laughing matter! (Read more about misophonia here.)

So your options are either thousands of dollars in therapy to cure yourself of your inability to deal with other people's terrible manners... or you can just drop a few bucks on this magnet to warn people of your condition. 

Meriwether custom designed refrigerator magnets are super strong. They look great, will make you giggle and will easily hold whatever papers you'd like to slide under them.

Magnet Dimensions: 3" x 2"

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