My snarky comeback... Magnet


Sometimes I get so excited about my snarky comeback that I fuck it all up... This is my greatest weakness.

Oh man. It's happened to us all. Your mind can sometimes work way faster than your tongue. That jerk at work took a dig at you in front of everybody at the meeting in Conference B. Not to worry. You have the perfect zinger locked and loaded. (you've prepared for this exact moment.) But alas, performance anxiety! You totally choke and your snarky comeback stutters and fumbles out of your mouth... right in front of the entire crew. It could have been your moment of glory but instead it's a total nightmare. This is your greatest weakness. 

Meriwether custom designed refrigerator magnets are super strong. They look great, will make you giggle and will easily hold whatever papers you'd like to slide under them.

Magnet Dimensions: 3" x 2" 


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