Parenthood and Skittles... Vinyl Sticker


Parenthood is helping your child look for the bag of skittles that you ate an hour ago.

OK, you know the drill. Your kid is taking his afternoon nap and you finally get a break. You collapse on the couch and well, well well, looky here. Your little bundle of joy left his bag of Skittles on the coffee table. That poor bag of Skittles never had a chance. If you and a bag of Skittles enter a room, only one of you is coming out alive.

So now you have a belly full of Skittles and are feeling fine like cherry wine. Your dastardly deed is long since forgotten when poor little Junior wakes up. After a few minutes of eye rubbing, he realizes he has that bag of Skittles to enjoy!

Uh oh... Don't panic. It's time to go into Character. Quick. Look confused, surprised and concerned all at once as you search the whole house looking for that damn bag.

You should get an Oscar for that performance!

Vinyl Sticker Dimensions: 4" x 2.5"

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